• St Louis Commercial Cleaning Service

    Beganovic Cleaning, LLC is a premier commercial cleaning service provider in St Louis, MO and surrounding areas. We offer general office cleaning, floor maintenance and restoration, window cleaning and glass restoration and carpet cleaning.

    St Louis Commercial Cleaning Service
  • Cleaning Up After Janitors?

    Are you finding things missed or not cleaned properly by your current cleaning service provider when you come in to work in the morning? With our specialized programs and regular weekly inspections we ensure that you consistently receive quality service and all cleaning gets performed to specifications.

    Cleaning Up After Janitors?
  • Medical Office Cleaning

    Beganovic Cleaning, LLC specializes in medical office cleaning and maintenance. We know how important it is that your work environment is healthy and germ free, not only for your employees but also for your patients. With our specialized cleaning programs we disinfect and sanitize everything that comes in touch with human hands.

    Medical Office Cleaning
  • Floor Care and Maintenance

    Regular floor maintenance not only helps your floors look better and last longer, it is also important for your safety. From daily sweeping and mopping to weekly buffing, we make sure your building’s floors always welcome you with luster and high gloss when you arrive to work. If your floors are worn and look old it is important to refinish them to avoid permanent damage.

    Floor Care and Maintenance
  • St Louis Window Cleaning

    As you know, cleanliness of your office building is very important when projecting a professional image to you clients. Clean windows is just as important factor as clean and maintained interior of your building. We recommend having your windows cleaned at least once per year and in some cases two times per year. We use the latest technology of pure water that enables us to safely clean buildings up to 5 stories from ground.

    St Louis Window Cleaning

Are you tired of St Louis commercial cleaning companies over promising and under delivering?

There are so many St Louis commercial cleaning companies that promise so much for so little but end up delivering a lot less than initially agreed on. A lot of businesses get burned by one janitorial company after another, and are forced to switch cleaning contractors every few months due to poor quality of cleaning. These commercial cleaning companies start off great the first few weeks and end up simply emptying the trash, running the vacuum around and putting out some toilet paper. Business owners and office managers usually think they have a clean office, when in reality things are not getting cleaned as promised.

Hire a St Louis commercial cleaning company that delivers solutions, not empty promises.

Beganovic Cleaning, LLC is a St Louis commercial cleaning company that consistently delivers quality cleaning service at affordable price. We know how important it is that your facility looks impeccable and projects a professional image to your clients and employees. Having a clean and distraction free work environment not only boosts your employees’ morale and increases productivity, it also offers a healthy place to work in. When you choose us to be you premier commercial cleaning provider, you will receive a cleaning program customized to your individual and budget needs.

Beganovic Cleaning, LLC offers commercial cleaning from once per week to daily cleaning. Some of our nightly services include taking out the trash, restroom cleaning and sanitation, horizontal and vertical surface dusting, carpet vacuuming, hard surface floor mopping, glass cleaning and horizontal surface detailing. It is important to point out that we clean and disinfect all surfaces around the office that come in touch with with your hands. These include desktops, keyboard and mouse, public buttons, door handles and light switches. Our more specialized services include window cleaning, floor stripping & waxing, high speed burnishing and buffing, glass restoration and carpet cleaning. If you are looking for an honest St Louis commercial cleaning company, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with the cleaning service you deserve.

Superior St Louis commercial cleaning service

With our superior cleaning strategies, we deliver commercial cleaning service that guarantees your office will always be distraction free and look its best, week after week and month after month. We’ll do all tedious cleaning tasks while you focus on more important things.

Unlike other cleaning companies, that don’t deliver on their promises, we have systems in place to ensure all cleaning is done to specifications and on time. With Beganovic Cleaning, LLC there will be no more headaches and constantly worrying about poor quality of cleaning. We put your mind at ease with our business ethics and professional cleaning service. Our standards are high and we deliver results, not just promises.

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While other cleaning companies lock you into long contracts, that you can’t get out of, we give you an unconditional contract termination guarantee.

If you aren’t happy with our services or your company needs to cut costs, we give you a choice to terminate our cleaning contract with a 30 day written notice. This is just one of many benefits you’ll receive when you Beganovic Cleaning, LLC for all you janitorial needs.


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When looking for a St Louis Commercial Cleaning company that goes above and beyond to meet exceed your cleaning expectations, Beganovic Cleaning, LLC is the right choice.